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Qui suis-je ?

Psychologist Toulouse

Anxiety - Anguish

Depression -  Depression - EMDR therapy




HPI - Zebras -  


Malaise - Malaise


In line

From a distance

Doctor of Psychology

Who am I  ?

Pauline Crouzat, Clinical and Occupational Psychologist

Psychologist graduated for 11 years, psychotherapist, I intervened and intervene mainly face-to-face in the South-West of France with individuals as well as professionals. I also have a doctorate in psychology and a researcher in psychology laboratories.


I am constantly continuing my learning and training. EMDR practitioner, also aware of and trained in recent scientific developments in terms of psychology and health and remaining open to developments in care and psychotherapy, he  It is thus possible for me to benefit the patients or professionals with whom I work.


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